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Tim Morrill

Understudy for Duncan/Doctor

Tim Morrill is excited to be back on stage to fill in for the roles of King Duncan and the Doctor. He's also glad to be sharing the stage with his wife, Jennifer, once again. The last time Tim graced the stage was over two decades ago when he performed at the Alterna Playhouse, The Douglas Morrisson theater, Chabot College theater department and other theater spaces in the Bay Area. He turned his sights to film, graduating from the Art Institute of California - San Francisco with a Digital Filmmaking degree where he wrote and directed his first short film, "Cleansing the Palate" about the effects of the 2008 recession on one man and his family.

From there he took on his most ambitious project directing a feature film (that he also wrote) titled, “Look Into The Fire” in which he examines the idea of being able to look into someone’s mind and what we unexpectedly find when we do. The film is currently streaming on Amazon, Tubi, & The Roku Channel.