The Foodbank Players are thrilled to announce our cast for As You Like It!

The Cast of As You Like It (order of appearance)

  • Orlando- Cory Kahane
  • Adam- Fran Kahane
  • Oliver- Paul Bessi
  • Charles- Hannah Landau
  • Rosalind- Torey Bookstein
  • Celia- Kelsey Gores
  • Touchstone- Jenn Strach
  • LeBeau- Ben Rings, Karin Jensen
  • Duke Frederick- Jennifer Morrill
  • Duke Senior- Maya Rath
  • Amiens- Hannah Landau
  • Jacques- Ronnie Anderson
  • Corin- Bill Brobeck
  • Silvius- Aaron Bruce
  • Phoebe- Kate Rockwell
  • Sophie the Sheep- Kristina Buendia
  • Stage Manager- Yela Rivera

Congratulations to the wonderful cast!

[Painting: Daniel Maclise (1806–1870), The Wrestling Scene in ‘As You Like It’ (1854), oil on canvas, 129 x 177.1 cm.]