Everything is Fine

Could you comprehend the stress that I am under? Hast thou any idea what weight rests upon my shoulders? Tis absolutely unfair to claim that I am not taking our relationship seriously. I am absolutely taking our relationship seriously.

I am also taking the mortal's relationship seriously. How couldst I focus on us knowing how they suffer? We are timeless but they have such little lives- Such fleeting moments upon this earth. They need our help.

And yes- I am capable of taking it all seriously all at the same time. But the mortals will die. Time is of the essence here! I pray thee, have some patience. The seasons are fine... Mostly...

I'm certainly taking this seriously- It's Puck who isn't. I'm not deflecting- It's all Puck's doing. I am absolutely in control.

With love,

-Oberon, Lord of Faeries