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Our beautiful show has closed! I tried very hard to to think of what to say about my feelings about this. But, as hard as I try, Puck's words are better than mine:

  • "If we have unearned luck
  • Now to ‘scape the serpent’s tongue,
  • We will make amends ere long;
  • Else the Puck a liar call;
  • So, good night unto you all.
  • Give me your hands, if we be friends,
  • And Robin shall...

Let me tell you something, it's not easy being a virgin in Athens these days. My dad wants me to marry this guy who was totally hitting on my best friend last week! What am I supposed to do? I'm in love with Lysandra, and if daddy doesn't like it I'm just going to have to elope. It's a perfectly reasonable solution; lots of people do this. There are so many successful couples that ran off together... um... like that guy and gal from Verona?...



The causes of death in Shakespeare’s plays are numerous. Almost half the characters who die are stabbed; the next largest group are beheaded, and the next poisoned. Several characters die of shame and quite a few are hanged. Some die of grief and one of insomnia. One is torn apart by a mob, one eaten by a bear, one baked in a pie, one is bitten by a snake and one even dies of indigestion.


What have I been up to??

Writing, fine tuning, and loving the delicious torture of creating my interlude. Hard work such as a bellows mender!

Look at the picture--- Here I am in my super cute outfit, tinkering and tailoring my craft.

Two of the things don't apply to me . Can you guess?? (Think lower left).

Well I must tarry, and weave and join my writing work.

Oh, and, please meet us in Alameda. All weekends...


Hippolyta! Oh, how we fight!

Vases are smashed, windows are broken, clothing is rent. But then we embrace and right there on the floor, among the debris, we have the hottest...

Philostrate! Stop your gawking and blow your horn someplace else!


Hello! It’s Peter Quince and I’m back to talk to you wonderful people.

You may be wondering of so many things in my life. Where shall I begin?...

My interlude is coming along very well. The actors are working so hard! I can’t wait to present it all weekends in May at various parks around the town of Alameda. We were just at Franklin Park a few days ago where my actors practiced away in a marvelous convenient place to...


  • In this play A Midsummer Night's Dream,
  • I play 3 parts or so it seems,
  • A weaver, actor and a donkey,
  • Whose head we hope is minimally wonky,
  • Friends call me Nick and not to boast,
  • But I'm the butter on your toast,
  • Which is to say my thespian skills,
  • Will cause some tears to well and spill,
  • And stir your heart and move you so,
  • You'll tell your...
Screenshot at Apr 15 07-35-55.png

My cast-mate, Benji at rehearsal. See the video below :)


Hey Blog Readers! Like Puck (and other Shakespeare characters) I’m here to break the 4th wall with some behind the scenes stuff about what goes into stage managing.

The stage manager is the to keep everything running smoothly and to do that I need quite a bit of gear!

Most important is my script binder, it’s where I take most of my production and blocking notes, these notes can be referenced in later rehearsals in case of...


Could you comprehend the stress that I am under? Hast thou any idea what weight rests upon my shoulders? Tis absolutely unfair to claim that I am not taking our relationship seriously. I am absolutely taking our relationship seriously.

I am also taking the mortal's relationship seriously. How couldst I focus on us knowing how they suffer? We are timeless but they have such little lives- Such fleeting moments upon this earth. They need...


I’ve written a new play if you will know! “The Most Lamentable Comedy, and Most Cruel Death of Pyramus and Thisbe”. It will be performed throughout the island city of Alameda weekends in May. The most fit actors in all of Athens will play in my interlude. Snug, the Joiner, Robin Starveling, the Tailor, Tom Snout, the Tinker, Frances Flute, the bellows-mender, and , well, my dear friend and mentor, William Shakespeare, told me never...




Our nuptial hour draws on apace! Four happy days bring in another moon. But, Philostrate, my usual manager of mirth, lingers my desires in his arrangements for wedding entertainment. I wished for the DJ simply known as "Bard", but methinks he is in league with some rude mechanicals to bring forth a tedious brief scene of some sort. Fie on you, Philostrate!

I’ll beat thee, but I would infect my hands.