Hail to thee and welcome to my blog post!

I’ve written a new play if you will know! “The Most Lamentable Comedy, and Most Cruel Death of Pyramus and Thisbe”. It will be performed throughout the island city of Alameda weekends in May. The most fit actors in all of Athens will play in my interlude. Snug, the Joiner, Robin Starveling, the Tailor, Tom Snout, the Tinker, Frances Flute, the bellows-mender, and , well, my dear friend and mentor, William Shakespeare, told me never to name-drop, but, we have --- Nick Bottom, the weaver, in one of the key roles. So, please be merry and join us!

More details to come!

Through my blog I will let you into all of my theatrical know-how and ways.

Through my directorial techniques, you’ll learn how to constructively criticize an actor without shredding them to bits.

Through my writing techniques, you’ll learn how to keep the Duke, the Duchess, and all of the Court enrapsured.

Through my acting techniques, you’ll learn how to move storms and condole in some measure.

I’ll teach you to:

  • Attempt a new accent in a public place.
  • Act like you constantly have an audience.
  • Perform a one-person show at home to whomever will watch.