Take 2!

Hello! It’s Peter Quince and I’m back to talk to you wonderful people.

You may be wondering of so many things in my life. Where shall I begin?...

My interlude is coming along very well. The actors are working so hard! I can’t wait to present it all weekends in May at various parks around the town of Alameda. We were just at Franklin Park a few days ago where my actors practiced away in a marvelous convenient place to rehearse.

I am asked all of the time what your favorite thing is about being a director and what is your least favorite thing.

Favorite: wearing a beret ( I have three! ) and showing off my shiny curls! It adds to ones je ne sais quoi; don’t you agree?

Least favorite: Actors not knowing their lines. It’s Ninus’ tomb!! , not Ninny’s tomb.; and it’s odours, not odious.

One must practice, practice, practice, and work oh so hard to be an actor.

See you all in the merry month of May!