Macbeth Jokes

13 jokes to make blood lust fun!

  1. Why did the three witches start a band? Because they wanted to create some "spell-binding" music!
  2. What's Macbeth's favorite app? iDagger – for plotting regicide on the go!
  3. Why did the porter get a job as a stand-up comedian? He was great at opening doors with his comedic timing!
  4. What's Lady Macbeth's favorite type of movie? Anything with a good "blood-curdling" scream!
  5. Why did Macbeth go to therapy? He needed help managing his "thane envy."
  6. How does Macbeth like his eggs? "Un-scrambled" – just like his ambition!
  7. Why did the witches start a gardening club? They wanted to cultivate "Macbeth's despair" plants!
  8. What do you call Macbeth's fitness regimen? "Daggerobics" – for a killer workout!
  9. What's Macbeth's favorite musical instrument? The "bloody" bagpipes!
  10. What's Lady Macbeth's favorite sport? Hand-washing – she's a pro at it!
  11. Why did Macbeth audition for a reality show? He heard there was a chance to become the "Thane of the Jungle"!
  12. How does Macbeth fix his computer? He tries turning it off and on again, but if that fails, he resorts to "Mac-beth-ic support"!
  13. What's Lady Macbeth's favorite type of ice cream? "Out, damned sorbet!"